Trahan Behavioral Services is a one-stop shop stock_silh_a for dementia-related problem behaviors.

Skilled therapists assess, train, and provide on-going support to families or day program staff. TBS also holds occasional
workshops for caregivers.

Skilled therapists observe stressful routines and interactions. Observation periods can
include grooming, dining, socializing, or any daily routine that is difficult to complete.
These sessions are chosen based on the individual’s needs and goals of care.

Based on these observations, skilled therapists then develop a behavioral program. Caregivers are trained on the support plan and practice essential components of behavioral program. Behavior plans are adjusted where needed.

Ongoing Support
Periodic observations are conducted to ensure appropriate behavioral supports are in place. In addition, as an individual progresses through dementia, challenging behaviors may occur for new reasons. Ongoing support allows for the immediate adjustment to behavioral programs as the need arises.