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A range of workshops are offered for caregivers.

Dementia                     (4 hrs.)
This 4-hour seminar reviews the basics of dementia, explains how to modify tasks and routines in order to maintain independence, and closes with strategies to manage problem behaviors.

  • Part I: Dementia and What to Expect
  • Part II: Modifying Tasks and Routines — ADLs, Mobility, and Nutrition
  • Part III: Modifying Tasks and Routines — Communication and Activities
  • Part IV: Managing Behavioral Problems

Activities                     (2 hrs.)
This 2-hour seminar reviews the importance of staying engaged, how to identify activity preferences of someone with dementia, and strategies to keep the individual engaged in these preferred activities.

  • Part I: Identifying Preferences in Individuals with Memory Problems
  • Part II: Now to Keep them Engaged!

Communication            (3 hrs.)
This 3-hour seminar reviews the importance of communication, how to increase communication, and what to communicate each day.

  • Part I: Changing the Caregiver’s Communication Skills
  • Part II: Changing the Way an Individual with Dementia Communicates
  • Part III: Now What Do We Communicate?